Duck Confit and fondant potatoes. Kyona Cress and blackberry

 by Frank Pontais 

Ingredients for 4 portions


Kyona Cress                            2 punnets

Duck leg comfit                       4 legs

Baking potato                          4 medium

Duck stock                               1 lit

Red wine                                 200ml

Butter                                      100g

Rapeseed oil                           30ml

Blackberries                            24 pieces

Purple spring onions               4 pieces

Fine salt                                   2 pinch

White ground pepper             1 pinch


Method for the potato fondant


·         Cut out the fondant from the potato with a round pastry cutter and season

·         Put the butter and oil in a hot saucepan and seared the fondant on both sides.

·         Add the hot Duck stock in the pan and finish the cooking process in an oven at 180C.

·         It should take around 30 to 40 minutes depending on the size of the potatoes.

·         Once cooked, remove the potato and set aside.


Method for the duck and spring onions.


·         Trim the excess of fat from the duck leg comfit, score the skin and reheat in a hot oven at 220C for 20 minutes.

·         Once ready, take out of the oven and use the flame of a blow torch to make a burned effect on the skin.

·         Trim and steam the purple spring onions for 10 minutes.

·         Once cooked, cut the onion into two sideways, ready to serve.



Method for the sauce and plate dressing.


·         Skim, pass and reduce the duck stock (from the potato fondant) to a demi glass.

·         Reduce the wine by half separately and add to the demi glass to make the sauce.

·         Reduce to the right consistency and season to taste.

·         Dress the plate using the freshly pick blackberries, the potato fondant, spring onion, duck leg, sauce and Kyona Cress.