MrDuck's Delicacies

All our products are made exclusively from  Mulard ducks that are reared in the Landes Region in France. Free range and 100% naturally fed using neither animal flour nor GM food.

It took MrDuck a long time to choose a supplier who was both able to provide the best quality ducks and committed to an environmentally-friendly approach making no compromises with regards to the welfare of the animals.

award 2013-3

Duck Leg Confit

Great Taste Awards Judges' Comments: "Excellent texture, crispy skin, very moist meat and excellent flavour. Smells fantastic. Not too oily - a very good product" More Details >

from £ 12.50

Duck Meat Confit for Sandwiches or Pies (pulled duck meat)

Duck Meat Confit for sandwiches or pies or Crispy Duck . Pulled Duck meat More Details >

from £ 12.00
award 2010-1

Smoked Duck Breast sliced("magret de canard fumé")

Home-made Smoked Duck Breast sliced More Details >

from £ 3.60

2 Barbary Duck breast fillet 170-200gr each

2 Barbary Duck brest 170-200gr each More Details >

£ 9.90

1 Mullard duck magret 400-420gr

1 Mullard duck magret 400-420gr More Details >

£ 9.95
gold fork

Duck Gizzards Confit ("gésiers de canard confits")

Award-winning Duck Gizzards perfect for "salade landaise" More Details >

from £ 4.50
award 2010-1

Duck Rillette in Black Ceramic Ramekin

Award-winning Duck Rillette presented in a Black Ceramic Ramekin More Details >

£ 4.80
award 2010-1

Duck Rillette

Freshly made the traditional way here in London! More Details >

from £ 5.80
award 2011-1

Foie Gras Prestige

Great Taste Awards Judges' Comments: "Nice smooth texture, Foie gras flavour coming through nicely". More Details >

from £ 14.00
award 2013-3

Mille Feuille Foie Gras Truffles

Foie Gras "Mille Feuille" with Truffles (depending on the season) More Details >

from £ 40.00

Terrine Foie Gras XO

A MrDuck exclusive! Commissioned by Rémy Martin and made with their trademark XO Excellence More Details >

from £ 45.00

Raw Duck Foie Gras Deveine 380-400 gr

Raw Duck Foie Gras Deveine 380-400 gr More Details >

£ 30.00

Frozen Foie Gras Scallops to Pan Fry 500gr (10 slices)

Frozen Foie Gras Scallops to Pan Fry 500gr (10 slices) More Details >

£ 40.00

Duck Terrine with Green Olive & Thyme

Duck Terrine with Green Olive & Thyme More Details >

from £ 5.40

Duck liver 500gr

Duck liver 500gr More Details >

£ 8.50

Duck Fat

Our Duck Fat is produced whilst cooking our home-made Duck Confit. More Details >

from £ 3.25

Duck Stock

Home-made Duck Stock More Details >

from £ 2.60

The meat Cookbook sign from MrDuck, Danny & Hattie

The Meat CookBook sign by Danny Lidgate & Hattie Ellis & MrDuck More Details >

£ 20.00

terrines & verrines by Frank Pontais

terrines and Verrines by Frank pontais More Details >

£ 20.00

1Chef4u Gift Vouchers

Buy a gift voucher for a friend or a family member More Details >

from £ 10.00