Mille Feuille Foie Gras Truffles

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Great Taste Awards Judges Comments:

"Well presented, generous portion, Beautifully smooth with good depth of flavour and well seasoned. The truffles are not overly intense and give the terrine a chance to shine through. We could eat more and more and more" - "This product is naughty. Absolutely fantastic texture to both the foie and the truffle. The balance of the two powerful flavours has been done very well indeed. Brilliant" - "So unctuous and generous on the truffle, a marvellous texture like eating flavoured silk" - "Rich, buttery, perfect. Where can we buy this? Very sophisticated" - "Fantastic smooth foie gras. Foie is velvety, smooth and rich. Truffle flavour does not overpower the foie gras. The texture is smooth, and the truffle provides wonderful slight crunch"

Truffles seasonality

April-September: Black Summer Truffles

September-December: Black Autumn Truffles

December-February: Perigord Winter Truffles

February-April: Balck Winter Truffles or Chinese Truffles


250gr - £75.000746704587842
500g - £140.000746704587859
1kg - £260.000746704587866
100gr - £40.000746704587835